What happened to Style network? Jerseylicious? Tia & Tamera?

“What happened to Style network?” will be the question of the evening when Esquire Network officially takes over the the 15-year-old network on Monday, Sept. 23 at 9pm ET with the premiere of Esquire’s 80th. Still in question is whether new episodes of Giuliana & Bill, Jerseylicious, Big Rich Texas and Tia & Tamera will find a home on any of NBCU’s other networks. Some of the shows are expected to simply end their run, while a few will most likely be worked into schedules on E!, Bravo or Oxygen.

UPDATE: Style Network TV to relaunch in Fall 2014! See feature.

What happened to Style Network and Giuliana and Bill?E! did confirm plans of airing the most recent seasons of Giuliana & Bill and Tia & Tamera starting in October. E! will begin re-airing Season 3 episodes of Tia & Tamera and already aired episodes of Giuliana & Bill’s sixth season on Tuesday nights starting Oct. 15 at 9pm ET, as well as new episodes of Giuliana & Bill next year. Season 3 of Tia & Tamera actually ended on Style Sunday, Sept. 22, and it’s unknown whether the series will see a fourth season. Oxygen will also be airing a 10-episode marathon of Season 3 of Tia & Tamera beginning Thursday, Sept. 26 at noon ET.

Syndicated series on Style, like Sex and the City, which originally ran on weekends, are interspersed heavily throughout the Esquire schedule, helping fill early morning, late-night and weekend time slots for the new net. Sex and the City, however, is littered all over the NBCU nets — you can catch it on E!, Oxygen and Bravo.

Clean House, which aired for nine seasons on Style, will also show up on Esquire — at least for the first week — filling the Wednesday, Sept. 25 morning block from 6am to 3pm ET.

At launch, Esquire had several original series including Knife Fight, Brew Dogs, Boundless and The Getaway. Similar to Style, Esquire will also help fill its programming schedule with blockbuster movies. The first few weeks, viewers of Esquire can expect titles like Ocean’s Thirteen, Casino Royale, Ghost Rider and Stripes, as well as popular series from Bravo like Million Dollar Listing, Chef Roble and Top Chef, and USA Network series like Psych and Burn Notice.

We will update you with further details on other former Style series as they are announced.

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647 Responses to What happened to Style network? Jerseylicious? Tia & Tamera?

  1. Feeling Cheated says:

    I think that this is a bunch of Crap! There were good shows on Style…How Do I Look was one of my shows to watch on my day off! Jerseylicious was my “guilty pleasure” show every Sunday. It’s been so long now, I can’t even remember the other shows I would watch on this channel. But there were a few. Why couldn’t ESQUIRE have their own channel? I mean isn’t there SPIKE TV for a bunch of crappy shows for men, Oh and they kept G4 after all of this? Another winner channel.

  2. Apryl says:

    Please bring back tia & tamara’s show and jerseylicious back. I really enjoy watching these shows.

  3. Diane says:

    what happened to Ruby. Did she reach her ideal weight??? Style TV please come back!!! I miss you.

  4. Lena Alwell says:

    Please , please please bring back Jerseylicious .The girls became a big part of my week. I really want to know what has been happening to them!

  5. dya says:

    Its too bad…coz esquire network is not on my tv cable list..huhuhuu :(

  6. Julie Justine says:

    JERSEYLICIOUS….PLEASE bring it back, waiting on season 7!

  7. nesha g says:

    Plz bring back Jerseylicious I want to see season 7 hurry

  8. Lacy Mangin says:

    And big rich Texas

  9. Lacy Mangin says:

    Please please please please
    bring back/air jerseylicious !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Laurie says:

    I’m a big Jerseylicious fan. Please bring it back. Can’t wait to see what’s going on with Olivia regarding her career and love.

  11. Nikki Gamble says:

    Guilliana and Bill is obnoxious! Who are these people what makes them so great? All their dental work? Botox? Her teeth ate as big as her head!!!

  12. Tracy Aldridge says:


    When will Jerseyliscious come back to style ??????
    Answer us all please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. sandy says:

    Please, please, please bring back Made in Chelsea! Love the seeing life in the UK.
    We can’t even buy DVDs of the series that will play the US! Please bring it back!!!

  14. Katherine Williams says:

    What Happen to The dtyle Channel and Jerseylicous

  15. Sylvia Alvarado says:

    Please bring back “Jerseylicious, Tia & Tamera, and Big Rich Texas!!!!”

  16. Barb Oates says:

    Good news Style fans! The network is coming back. See related feature: http://www.channelguidemagblog.com/index.php/2014/05/15/style-network-relaunches-fall-2014108450/

  17. nancy williams says:

    please bring back jerseylicious and big rich tesas

  18. Deborah Lepo says:

    What happened to Jerseylicious?

  19. Rebeca May says:

    Why did I not know style was gone. I thought maybe Dish dropped it and wondered about my shows. Tia and Tamera I enjoyed, Love Guilliana and Bill, Jerseylicous. What happened? were they cancelled?

  20. Sheila Williams says:


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